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Mid-February Legislative Session Update

The Georgia Golden Dome on a sunny day.

The 2024 Georgia state legislature has now been in session for 27 days. As you know, the State Legislature makes important decisions that affect the lives of every-day Georgians. With that said, here are some bills introduced in the past two weeks that we think you should know about: 

  • Republicans proposed SB 446, which would reduce the early voting period by 5 days.

  • Republican Representative Scott Hilton proposed HB 1039, which would require social media influencers to disclose if they have received payment from political campaigns or candidates to make particular posts.

  • On February 8, the Georgia House unanimously passed bills cutting state income tax and local property taxes, as well as increasing tax deductions for parents.  

  • Republicans proposed SB 359, which would expand the scope of Georgia’s hate crime laws, making some protest actions eligible for prosecution under RICO violations.

  • Republicans proposed SB 261, which would stop colleges and universities from accepting diversity statements from individuals applying for jobs or admission.

  • Republicans proposed HB 1056, which would provide a new mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenses when a person 21 years or older delivers, sells, or distributes to a person under 14. Instead of being punished under pre-existing harsh standards in accordance with the type of drug involved, the sentence must include a mandatory minimum of 5 years and a total of up to 30 years. Deviation from this mandatory sentencing can only occur if both the prosecution and defense agree to a different sentence. 

In our last newsletter, we mentioned some bills that had been introduced during January. Here’s an update on the progress of those bills: 

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