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Our Mission

The 2030 Project is committed to driving change in GA by flipping the state legislature by the end of 2030, ahead of the next redistricting.




  • Identifying the most competitive GA legislature districts

  • Supporting quality candidates who can win competitive races

  • Funding year-round grassroots organizing in those districts

  • Working with diverse partner organizations

By flipping the State Legislature, we can change the trajectory of GA, creating a brighter and more prosperous future for us all.

Redistricting Report Card - Georgia 2021 Final Senate Republican Chair State Senate Map (S

Current GOP Agenda

  • Electoral Disenfranchisement

  • Failing to Address Affordable Housing Crisis

  • Failing to Address Healthcare Crisis

  • Dangerous Gun Policy

  • Prioritizing Special Interests


2030 Project Values

  • Strengthening Democracy

  • Expanding Access to Affordable Housing

  • Affordable Healthcare Availability

  • Common Sense Gun Legislation

  • Prioritizing Workers


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