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The 2024 Georgia Legislative Session Officially Begins

On Monday, January 8th, Georgia’s State Legislature began its 40-day 2024 Legislative Session. All 236 elected legislators gathered under the Gold Dome to set Governor Kemp’s 2023-2024 proposed budget and to pass new laws. 

Georgia operates on a two-year legislative cycle, meaning that many of the bills that didn’t reach committees or get voted on by both chambers in 2023 can resurface this year. Likewise, all 180 representatives and 56 senators elected in 2022 will face re-election in November and attempt to push through legislation that will help them energize and secure support from their base voters. With new maps coming out of the December 2023 special session, some will run in newly drawn districts. 

This year, all bills must pass at least one chamber by the 28th day, known as Crossover Day (February 29th), to be considered by the other chamber this session. Then, they have until the last day, Sine Die (expected March 28th), when the legislature convenes to be passed by both chambers. 

Key Issues to Watch 

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