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Georgia GOP Increasingly Endorses Donald Trump

As we enter this election cycle, both sides of the aisle in Congress are beginning to publicly back their preferred candidates. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson stated, “It’s past time for the Republican Party to unite around President Trump,” despite the fact he has yet to receive the RNC nomination. 

120 House Republicans, alongside nearly half of Republicans in the US Senate, have officially endorsed Trump for the 2024 election. After winning the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, Trump’s support from GOP members has continued to increase. The RNC even attempted to officially list Trump as the Republican nominee, even as Nikki Haley is still running against him in the primary.

Georgia politicians are also falling in line behind the former, twice impeached, president. Last Monday, Trump won crucial support from 15 GOP state senators (about half of the caucus), as well as from Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper. The GA GOP also attempted to prematurely announce Trump as the official GOP candidate, though this vote failed. Trump supporters vowed to bring the issue to a vote again in the coming days. Former GOP governor candidate Kandiss Taylor dismissed the first vote as illegitimate, though she failed to provide any evidence to support her claim.

Josh McKoon, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, said that the GOP stands strongly behind Trump. “I think he is the clear choice of most Georgia Republican activists that are talking to me about the presidential race,” McKoon said. “I would have to say that it looks like Republicans all over the country and here in Georgia are uniting behind President Trump.” As Republicans have repeatedly shown, in the GOP, all roads lead to Trump. He is not a glitch in their system, he is the logical end and outcome. 

As such, the only way to defeat extremism in Georgia is by beating the GOP in every election up and down the ballot. We know that Georgia is going to play a key role in this upcoming election: Georgia could be the swing state upon which the Presidential election hinges. Through The 2030 Project’s work flipping state legislature seats and encouraging Democrats to vote across the state, we are confident that we can help our local candidates while combating the Trumpism that has taken root in our state.

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