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End of January Session Update

The Georgia state legislature has been in session for 17 days in 2024. Various institutions have released their legislative priorities for this session; the governor has offered a budget proposal; and we’re here to help analyze some key pieces of legislation. 

Governor Kemp proposed a budget (via teleconference, as he was in Davos, Switzerland, attending the World Economic Forum) that he promised would pay down debt, cut taxes, increase state employee pay, and invest in transportation projects. Robert Buschman, a state economist, warns that a mild recession is coming in the first half of the year though, which may limit Kemp’s ambitious budget

Here are four bills introduced since our last newsletter that we think you should know about:

  • Republicans introduced SB 390, which would block libraries from receiving public funding if they are part of the American Libraries Association.

  • Republicans proposed HB998. In addition to changing some ballot reading methods, it would eliminate ballot drop boxes, which will make absentee voting more difficult

  • Democrats proposed SB 101, which would prevent voters from having to apply a second time for an absentee ballot during a runoff, which would boost runoff turnout.

  • Democrats proposed SB 179, which would restore felons' rights to vote.

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